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PPM News: Natural Healing; benefits, dangers and what doctors don’t want you to know…

A major benefit to joining wellness clubs and groups is to learn more about all the hidden gems nature has to offer us. Essential oils and natural healing remedies have been around since the world began. Due to the invention of modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry pulling in 1.4 trillion dollars in 2021 (Statista, 2023), you can see, and also, calculate why they would discredit natural healing. 

Benefits of Natural Healing

Did you know all essential oils are derived from plants? Naturalists promote their hidden benefits, but some plants can be poisonous as well. Let’s start with the benefits. Essential oils can provide disease prevention, disease cures, stress relief, aromatherapy, insomnia or sleep issues relief, and fungal infections. You can find surface information online like names of oils to use for common ailments and basic recipe suggestions. The issue here is in order to truly use essential oil remedies accurately and see results, the correct dosage information and combination of oils is imperative. Our wellness club provides you with all the information needed, below is a list of a some of our remedies (over 100 in full library): 

-Hair loss





-Parkinson’s Disease


-Insect Repellent 

-Liver Disease/ healthy liver function  


-Immune Support


-Dry Skin/ Eczema 

The common side effects for improper use of essential oils are inflammation and skin rash, shocking your systems, hormone imbalance and coma. All remedies aren’t meant for all people, some can adversely affect your condition if not prepared correctly. Dangerous Plants and their effects are sometimes irreversible, so please educate yourself before exploring natural healing. Other resources provided by our wellness club include a glossary of dangerous oils and their effects, proper tools and equipment needed, common information needed before starting any treatments, ingredient lists and recipe steps, nutrition suggestions, and consultation sessions for any questions. 

Be safe, stay healthy and keep your peace, priority.

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