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PPM News: Impact x Nightline, The Skinny Shot – Is it safe to use for weight loss?

Quick Facts

Diabetes prescription drugs: Ozempic and Mounjaro 

Obesity prescription drugs: semaglutide, Wegovy (Elon Musk’s Choice)

Side effects: ‘Ozempic face’, regaining the weight back, nausea, pancreatic disease, vomiting, etc.


Have you heard of the drug Ozempic? The common uses are for individuals healing from diabetes but now it is gaining popularity as a weight loss supplement. So much popularity it has caught the eyes of many major news outlets; ABC, NBC, The NY Post and many others. The ABC News docu-story opens with Tik-Tok videos of numerous women raving about their results from using diabetes drugs such as Ozempic and Mounjaro to lose weight quickly. One woman claims she lost a total of 11 pounds within a couple of weeks, another is depicted excited to administer her first shot. More personal stories are shared throughout the episode, with one influencer losing over 100 pounds since she began the “skinny shot”.  All that glitters isn’t gold right? ABC News Impact x Nightline soon shows us the life altering side effects of choosing social media’s latest quick weight-loss trend. 

The Hype 

Not only has this trend hit the news shelves, celebrities, famous influencers and reality stars also began sharing their stories while using “the skinny shot’. Rosie O’Donnell who is living with diabetes says she has lost 10 pounds since being prescribed. She also reveals that many celebrities have hosted ‘Ozempic parties’, where they all indulge in the drug together. Ozempic’s advertisements suggest its weight loss effect as some sort of added incentive, in my opinion, so can you really blame the masses? In their commercial a man says “..I lowered my A1C, CV risk and lost some weight”. Some celebrities are expressing their concerns such as RHONJ star Jackie Goldschneider, she fears the day people have to quit using the drug all together. One common side effect of quitting Ozempic is regaining the weight back which could have serious psychological effects. Remy, an influencer says once she quit her binging (binge eating) habit became worse. 

The Problem

Since the weight-loss side effects of these drugs have been magnetized, it’s become increasingly harder for people who actually suffer from type 2 diabetes to get their medicine. Both drugs have an additive that reduces appetite in return stimulating weight-loss. Obesity and diabetes are two of the most common causes of death in the USA. According to the statistics on ABC News, 40% of Americans suffer from obesity. Even though the two ailments go hand and hand, should a type 2 medicine be used to cure obesity or weight issues? Dr. Barrie Weinstein, endocrinologist, speaks on prescribing Mounjaro to one of her patients for obesity and seeing optimal results but disagrees with its use for basic weight loss needs. According to Trust for America’s Health, 41.9% of adults are obese, Black Americans have the highest rate at 49.9 % and Latinos the second highest coming in at 45.6%. The need to find a healthier way of life is at an all time high as the leading causes of death in the US are heart disease and cancer (Healthline, Holland 2018). Heart disease and hypertension are common side effects to obesity – you see how it all comes full circle? 


Manufacturers of these drugs stand by their initial intended use, to treat type 2 diabetes and denounced using them for any other reason. They have also been working to ensure supplies last for the people who really need it. Even though we are all looking for ways to stay in shape, be aware of the side effects I went over in this blog. Also two of the women featured spoke about the psychological effects caused by chasing ‘perfect body’ so realize this type of journey can change your entire life for good or bad. Remember to do your research, and keep your peace priority.  

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