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Pilates and Hormone Health

The perfect natural health duo?  

Pilates was created in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates, he too was inspired by his own health issues which limited his range of motion. After developing the different techniques and positions of pilates and improving his own body, he marketed the new workout as athletic rehabilitation. The movements of pilates helped improve injured athletes and dancers and return them to their respective disciplines. Pilates improves flexibility, posture, balance, strength and overall health when integrated in your everyday life. 

Since I started practicing pilates the first thing I’ve noticed is my overall mental health increasing. Due to the anxiety caused by thyroid disease, finding methods to recenter my mind and body is imperative. During class we’re reminded throughout to breathe (inhale and exhale deeply) when executing many positions. Prompts such as ‘neutralize your spine’, ‘let your limbs hang heavy’, or ‘sit deeply in that stretch’ helps you to develop an internal language with your body, spiritually. These techniques help with stress management, blood circulation and body awareness which all aid in hormone balance. 

Pilates is often suggested to people who ailments are dependent on stress management and is said to increase overall immune health. Healthline developed a list of the 19 benefits of practicing pilates, check them out below and visit Healthline for the complete article. 

Healthline’s Benefits of Pilates

  1. Increase core strength
  2. Improves posture 
  3. Helps resolve back pain
  4. Prevents injuries (also improves them, my personal benefit addition) 
  5. Increase energy 
  6. Body awareness 
  7. Stress relief 
  8. Reduces menstrual pain 
  9. Improves flexibility & mobility 
  10. Improves balance
  11. Improves immunity 
  12. Helps cognitive function 
  13. Increase motivation 
  14. Improves sex life 
  15. Improve athletic performance 
  16. Strengthen bones 
  17. Mood enhancer 
  18. Helps with sleep problems
  19. Helps encourage playfulness 

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